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Bridal Alterations

You deserve only the very best when the alterations of your wedding gown are concerned. Trust The Tailory to provide you with the attention and care that you deserve.

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Important Information Regarding Your
Bridal Alterations

Please see our FAQ's for further information.

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  • There is no one price fits all since every client, and every gown is unique, but to provide some guidance, most brides spend between $450-$950 in alterations.  We cannot guarantee that your alterations will fall within this range since there are clients who sometimes spend less, and sometimes more.​

    • Costs are based on the complexity of your unique alterations. 

  • Large reconstruction work, significant customizations, and vintage reconstructions are likely to fall outside of the above price range.​

  • We can only provide you with an clearer idea of cost after we meet with you for your first fitting. 

  • If you need or want to do a consultation appointment outside of your normal alterations schedule we are happy to see you. There is a fee of $50-$75 that applies. 

  • Any additional appointments that are requested by a client outside of the appointment schedule we deem necessary for alterations will incur a $50 fee since it will be an appointment we cannot offer to another client. 

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Preparing For Your First Fitting

  • Before you can have your fitting done for your wedding gown, you will need to buy, and have all undergarments that you will be wearing on your wedding day. That is, any bras, corsetry, or shapewear. Undergarments can greatly affect the fit of your gown, so please have all of your undergarments, or any you are considering and need our guidance on, for your first fitting. 

  • You will also need the shoes that you will be wearing so that we can mark your hemline correctly. They have to be the actual shoes you will wear on your wedding day, not shoes that are similar, or have similar heel height to the actual ones you will wear.

  • If you plan on changing heel height during your wedding day, (ex: high heels in the morning, flats in the evening), feel free to bring all options with you, but we will only be able to hem your gown to the shoes you will be wearing for your ceremony, and pictures.  

  • ***Please note that if you show up to your fitting without the necessary items for us to do your fitting, and we need to reschedule your fitting to another day,  a fee of $50 will apply for our time. 

  • ***Please note that if you choose to change your undergarments after your first fitting,  and changes need to be made due to fitting differences, additional fees may apply.  


Bridal Fitting Scheduling

  • We ask that you contact us to schedule your first appointment as soon as is possible. Even if your wedding is a long way down the road (months, or even a year), please reach our as soon as possible to attempt to get on our schedule. We tend to book up very far in advance, so the sooner you reach out to us, the better the chance you will have that we will have the availability in our schedule. No matter how far in advance you reach out to us, if we are able to see you, we will likely only meet about 6 weeks out from your wedding date.  After many years in this field, we have found this to be the ideal timeline to minimize stress for our clients, and possible complications due to unforeseen weight changes. This timeline also allows for clients to achieve their weight goals as close to their event date as possible, and to minimize the possibility of extra alteration costs associated with weight fluctuations that can occur when beginning alterations sooner.  We want you to receive the highest quality service we can offer, under a fun, low pressure environment. No one wants to be stressed when dealing with such an important garment.

  • ***If you are pregnant, have a gown with a major reconstruction, want large customizations, are wearing an vintage/heirloom gown, or have other unique circumstances, we may want to do a consultation appointment sooner than the 6 week timeline. Please inform us if you have unique circumstance, and we can discuss the best way to handle your alterations.


Information for Pregnant Brides

  • If you are going to be pregnant on your wedding day, we may need to alter the fitting schedule a bit. Please let us know that you are pregnant as soon as you can, and we will work around your growing belly as best as possible. 

  • Since we are required to make certain accommodations to your fittings that we normally do not need to make, you may be charged a rush fee, or additional fees for extra alterations, or extra fittings.


Dieting, Exercising, and Weight Fluctuations

  • We absolutely understand that you want to look your best on your wedding day. That is the reason why many brides decide to go on diets before their wedding. We ask that you try to be at your goal size, and try to stabilize your diet (minimizing losing/gaining weight) as soon as we begin fittings for your wedding dress alterations. For your gown to fit you perfectly, it is very important that you maintain the same weight/size from your first fitting until your wedding day. This is one of the main reasons why we have chosen to meet with you as close to your wedding as possible (about 6 weeks out) for your first fitting.

  • If there are concerns about weight gain or loss during the fitting period, just let us know, and we will try to accommodate you as much as we can. Honesty, and transparency are the best policy here.

  • ***Please be aware that if additional alterations are necessary due to weight fluctuations, and we need to make additional changes, appropriate additional fees will apply.  

  • ***Interesting fact to keep in mind: if you begin exercising in preparation for your wedding, please keep in mind that some body parts may get larger as you develop stronger muscles. Example: as thigh muscles get stronger from squats, or other leg strengthening exercises, the width of your hips may get larger. Keep in mind your end goals when you pick new workouts. ;-)


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