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Founder, and Head Designer

Sara, The Tailory's head Designer and Founder, is an experienced Tailor and Designer. Her love for fashion took her on a quest to find training in as many facets of the fashion industry as possible. Sara spent 7 years expertly working as a Tailor for a men's designer suit company, all the while attending Graduate school and acquiring a Master of Science in Fashion Design. In Graduate school, she studied design and construction, where she went on to design an award winning collection of one-of-a-kind wedding gowns with complex couture finishes.

Sara's love and deep appreciation for beautifully designed garments, led her to specialize in wedding gowns.

"Wedding gowns are some of the few items we get to wear where you truly get to see the artist behind the garment. Being delicate, and often deeply detailed in construction (inside and out),  with embellishments, or unique design lines, wedding gowns are some of the few garments that truly express the artist behind them, and the personality of the beautiful person that chooses to wear a specific gown." --Sara

Sara is a dedicated individual that views alterations and tailoring work as an art. Whether through custom design, or through alterations, the ultimate goal is the same; she wants each of her clients to deeply enjoy the process of alterations, and look their best on a very special day!

Trust Sara, and The Tailory with all of your alterations needs.

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