The Tailory's Bridal Fittings and Alterations Policies

Bridal Fitting Scheduling

We ask that you contact us to schedule your fittings at least 10 weeks in advance. The earlier you call us the better, even if it's months in advance.

The best time to schedule your first wedding gown fitting is no sooner than 12 weeks before and no later than 4 weeks before your wedding. This amount of time is necessary so that we can complete 2 - 4 fittings, which are usually necessary to make sure you get the perfect fit for your gown. The 12 to 4 week timeframe also allows for less stress, so that you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality alterations. No one, including the bride, wants to be under pressure when dealing with such an important moment in your life. You should be able to really enjoy every fitting that you have, after all, it will be the only other times, apart from your wedding day, that you will be wearing your beautiful gown. Last minute alterations can be risky, and no matter who you have altering your gown, you should want them to have the appropriate amount of time, so that the work is done cleanly and beautifully.

Information for Pregnant Brides

If you are going to be pregnant on your wedding day, we need to alter the fittings scheduling a bit. We would still appreciate it if you would contact us 12 weeks in advance, but you will be scheduled to have some fittings again closer to your wedding date. Since we are required to make certain accommodations to your fittings that we normally do not need to make, you may be charged an additional fee. We can discuss your wedding gown's fit and any additional charges at the first fitting, after we have the opportunity to determine what alterations and time requirements are necessary.

Are You Wondering What Kind of Diet Should You Have Before Your Wedding?

We absolutely understand that you want to look your best on your wedding day. That is the reason why many brides decide to go on diets before their wedding. We recommend that you stabilize your diet (minimizing losing/gaining weight) as soon as we begin fittings for your wedding dress alterations. For your gown to fit you perfectly, it is very importance that you maintain the same weight from the first day of your bridal, and w fittings until your wedding day. If there are concerns about weight gain or loss during the fitting period, just let us know, and we will try to accommodate you as much as we can (i.e. we can fit and alter your bodice as late as possible in the fitting schedule). Please be aware that if a gown does not fit correctly after alterations are completed due to weight gain/loss and we need to make changes to the alterations, we will have to charge you for the necessary re-alterations.

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